About AirFleet

AirFleet Capital, Inc.
AirFleet Capital, Inc.

AirFleet Capital is an Aircraft Financing company that offers loans for private and commercial use aircraft from single engine pistons to corporate jets. Our goal is to provide the most competitive financing and best service in the industry for General Aviation aircraft of all types. Combined with exceptional attention to our valued relationships, AirFleet Capital’s services deliver a refreshing attitude to Aircraft Financing. The customer is our first priority, and understanding the customers’ needs is fundamental to our success day-in and day-out.

AirFleet Capital has a track record of offering exceptional financing services to the Aviation Industry. This includes partnering with manufacturers, dealers, and industry organizations to assist buyers with financing and developing creative programs to get people into their dreams. Some of these programs include: a factory lease program through Beechcraft, manufacturer financing partnerships through Mooney, Piper, and Diamond, creation and financing support of the Bell Helicopter 360˚ Ownership Program, a partnership with I Fly America, and a partnership with the EAA.

AirFleet Capital continues its dedication to finding the best programs for consumers and supporting our valued relationships.  Our focus is in providing the lowest rates, best service and in developing long-term relationships with our customers and the Aviation Industry.

When we developed our finance programs for General Aviation, we first met with aircraft dealers and owners and asked them what they wanted in aircraft financing. Based on this input, we developed financial products and a service focusing on meeting their needs. We are applying the same strategy in our Business Aircraft program offerings.

We are aviators with a strong background in the aviation industry and finance in particular, and like our customers, our heart and passion lies in general aviation.

We will continue to listen to the marketplace and our clients to mold our programs to their ever-changing demands. We work hard to develop long-term relationships with our clients and our goal is to continue to meet their financing needs throughout their entire Aviation experience.


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