Summer in Oshkosh? AirVenture 2013 Update

photo (2)It’s usually about this time that we are a few days deep into AirVenture and going a little crazy with the bugs and the hot,muggy, dog days of summer in Oshkosh that we’ve grown accustomed to… but not this year!  With cool weather in the 70s and beautiful skies every day, AirVenture has never seen a week as beautiful as this!

For 2013 the show is as exciting as ever – the “JetMan” made an appearance, we witnessed a re-enactment of Tora Tora Tora, the arrival of FIFI (B-29), a salute to aviation war veterans, and the launch of Disney’s new movie PLANES.  Beechcraft announced their largest prop plane order ever (105 new KingAirs), Cessna had their new JetA Cessna 182 and Columbia 400/ Cessna TTx, Cirrus has their “Generation 5” SR22 in a beautiful newly designed booth, and Piper partnered with Kirby Chambliss and had his exceptionally well appointed Meridian and Extra aircraft on display.  The buzz about ADS-B is also picking up, with products and presentations by Bendix King/ Honeywell and Garmin on-site, as the avionics companies ramp-up for the 2020 mandate.

The hangars are packed with vendors and passionate aviators, and Whitman Regional Airport, with the world’s busiest control tower – is crammed with passionate aviators and tons of pilots sharing stories.   We have met a lot of our clients along with excited buyers at our booth.  Such a wide variety of what people are buying, but all are excited to get flying – and even moreso with our low rates right now.  It is a great time to buy!

More than any other aviation group, EAA reminds us of why we love Aviation, which makes us so honored to be a part of the industry – what a lucky group full of so many awesome people and a long, proud history. This is how we all love to remember Oshkosh and our time spent here.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth – it was a pleasure meeting you, and until next year, safe travels and blue skies!


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